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ecosystem coaching and development


The purpose of Ecosystem Coaching is to act in partnership with the natural world in sustaining life on our planet. With joyful love and care, we can restore wholeness to people and the planet. Enlightenment can be transformational and fun!

We complement our coaching expertise with holistic organisational management, leadership and sustainable collaboration competencies. We have created a number of development models that we share in our training programs, consultancy and mentor coaching.


Are you caring and passionate about sustainability of life on our planet?
Are you willing to journey beyond your current frame of thinking and discover new perspectives about self, life and your role in climate change?
Are you willing to invest in self-development to meet with the natural world and engage in a dialogue?
Are you willing to explore the wisdom emerging from the relationship with the natural world?
Are you willing to transform your awareness into action for the greater good?

If yes, Ecosystem Coaching may be for you! Click here to find out more.

We are in collaboration with Sila Earth, delivering two key Earth-centered transformational programmes:

the living earth programme

This is our flagship 12-day programme to create deeply empowered, transformational change agents who want to work in partnership with the Living Earth. Our programme will help connect you with your deep sense of purpose and empower you to develop your soul gifts and transformational vision. On this innovative programme you will receive the tools and technologies to enroll, influence and activate others at the level of heart and soul. To learn more, click here.

dialoguing with nature

This programme is about how to partner with the natural world in achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets through dialogue. Dialoguing complements science of monitoring the emissions and organisational change required to achieve the net zero target. On this exciting programme you can expect to evoke a mindset of collaborating with the natural world in the process of merging Planet, Purpose and Profit. To learn more, click here.

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