Intuitive Coach Advance

2021 Edition


Intuitive Coach is granted the highest level of accreditation awarded by the ICF, the ACTP Accredited Coach Training Programme.  As the result it is granted with the authority to conduct the oral part of ICF Professional Certified Coach accreditation exam, the PCC Performance Evaluation.


Intuitive Coach Advance is the second part of Intuitive Coach designed for experienced coaches from a variety of ICF and non-ICF coaching education, who intend to get accredited by ICF straight at the Professional Certified Coach level (PCC).  Graduates of the Intuitive Coach Advance will receive an ICF ACTP Intuitive Coach certificate.  They will be entitled to apply to ICF for the PCC accreditation. 


"The programme I attended with Lilith was very insightful and stretched all my boundaries, in a good way.

It was a great combination of intuitive and practical, really enabled me, and my colleagues, to grew and explore areas that you can’t do day to day.  Lilith was a delight, she is extremely authentic and allows and respects your own presence to really explore areas useful and valuable as a coach and professional (and person).

I would highly recommend this programme." Hilary Dunstan, Senior Consultant, Executive Coach and Facilitator, Fastlane Results Ltd, ACTP Intuitive Coach Alumna

"I had a fabulously engaging time as a student with Lilith. She created a powerful co-active space which allowed me to grow as a coach. I can whole heartedly recommend including Lilith in your development on your coaching journey." Ian Pitchford, Marketing Director and Coach, A Mind 4 Adventure, ACTP Intuitive Coach Alumnus

"I found the Intuitive Coach Advance course so much more than a training course.  The information and experiences provided by Lilith, along with the group interaction and coaching experiences have been deeply transformative for me as an individual as well as a coach.  Lilith makes experiential learning fit with the ICF markers and competencies in such a way that you fully experience their benefits but also learn how to work effectively within them as a coach.  Lilith was incredibly welcoming, open and responsive to the needs of the whole group and managed the structure and timings of the day wonderfully and very naturally.  The venue was calm and peaceful providing an opportunity to connect with the natural world and enhance our coaching skills and personal experiences even further. My time of the course will stay with me forever and I can't recommend it highly enough."

Jennifer Burke, Coach, ACTP Intuitive Coach Alumna

Foundations of ICF PCC Development Process in Intuitive Coach Advance


The student’s journey towards the essence of the client-coach dynamic is the foundation of the development process in Intuitive Coach Advance: inward, into the depths of the client and into the coaching relationship co-created by the client and the coach.


WHAT FOR? The mission of coaching at the professional coaching level is the transformation of the “WHO?” of the client as a whole, resourceful and naturally creative person.  Where the applicants will meet the accreditation criteria at the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level focusing on supporting the client mostly in the “WHAT?”, i.e:


  • Finding a one-off solution to the agreed goal and

  • Using coaching tools


The evaluation at ICF PCC level expands to: 

  • Coach’s focus on the “WHO?” of the client as a holistic human being: supporting the client in personal transformation and broadening awareness, the client’s sustainable evolution rather then a one-off solution

  • Quality of a spontaneous, intuitive coaching conversation, the quality of the coach’s connection with a client,  partnership and neutrality of the coach, honouring and holding the client responsible for their life and their development whilst staying engaged and active

  • The coach’s presence 'here and now', self-acceptance and self-awareness, the courage to take risks and ”not knowing”

  • Attachment to the structure of a coaching tool instead of hearing and following the client at any moment "here and now” may result in failing the exam.


To get there the students journey to the essence of self and their lives, their identity and vocation, their natural working style and the profile of the client they naturally serve.  Thriving in this program requires a high level of openness, readiness to work at a level of depth,  essence,  intuition and electromagnetic field.


All group training modules consist of: 80% experience, experimentation, reflection and broadening awareness, observation and feedback, 20% of theory.


We have observed how important both ‘observed sessions’ and individual learning in one-to-one contact with the teacher, are for the student’s development.  Therefore the tuition for the program includes 3 one-to-one ‘observed coaching sessions’  * and 3 one-to-one ‘mentor coaching sessions’ *.


The entire program will be concluded with an oral, practical exam conducted by independent examiners who are approved ICF Assessors for PCC accreditation.  Passing this exam is honoured by the ICF as passing the PCC Performance Evaluation in the ACTP Path of accreditation. 


Who is the Intuitive Coach Advance Programme for?


It is a deep development process for intermediate to advanced coaches who:

  • Intend to apply for ICF accreditation at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level

  • Have experienced 350 hours or more of coaching practice with their clients

  • Have completed 60 hours or more of coach specific trainings, teaching coaching competences and coach ethical conduct, for example: “Birth of the Coach” or other coach training.

  • Value personal development and are willing to share their experiences with other students

  • Are open to dive into the unknown, broaden perspectives and expand perception

  • Respect and are genuine towards others, engage in the learning process and take responsibility for own development.



Programme Mission


During the course of the program the students will deepen knowledge, awareness and skills of all 8 Core Coaching Competencies at the PCC level as defined by the ICF:


  • Understand the fundamental differences between ACC and PCC level of competence as assessed during the accreditation exam.

  • Calibrate their current performance against the PCC exam criteria.

  • Develop their skills, knowledge and awareness towards the PCC level, grounded in the Coach Code of Ethics

  • Deepen and forward personal evolution.



68 hours of Intuitive Coach Advance Programme consists of:


  • 4 modules taking place every two months, in total 7 days of synchronous face-to-face group training, including 7 hours of mentor coaching in a group of max. 10 participants


  • 3 one-to-one ‘observed coaching sessions’ for each studentThese are student’s coaching sessions with the clients that are audio recorded and evaluated by the instructor, verbally and in writing in reference to the 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies at ICF PCC level.


  • 3 one-to-one ‘mentor coaching sessions’ for each student (over skype)


  • Final ICF PCC Performance Evaluation exam.



Intuitive Coach and ICF PCC Credential Process


The Intuitive Coach Training Programme is comprehensive and consists of all the elements required for accreditation at the ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level:


  • The required number of specific coach training hours: minimum 125h in total: consisting of Intuitive Coach Advance 68 training hours together with the minimum 60 coach training hours prior joining the Advance.

  • The required number of mentor coaching hours: 10h in total, including 3h of one-to-one and 7h in a group of a maximum of up to 10 students.

  • Final summative oral exam for the ICF PCC credential, conducted by independent examiners approved by ICF.  The result of this exam is regarded by ICF as passing the PCC Performance Evaluation in the ICF Credentialing process in the ACTP Path of accreditation.

Upon successful completion of the Intuitive Coach Programme graduates receive the ACTP Certificate.  This certificate entitles the graduates to apply for ICF PCC credential.







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Dates of Group Modules 

In English

Delivered over Zoom

1 Module: 5 March 2021


Group Mentor Coaching


2 Module: 22-23 April 2021

Coach in a Superposition


3 Module: 3-4 June 2021

Coach in a Creative Space


4 Module:  1-2 July 2021 

Intuitive Client and Coach

in a Relationship

Inclusive of:

10 hours of Mentor Coaching

six 1-2-1 sessions agreed on individual basis.

ICF PCC Performance Evaluation results: 15th August or

31st of October 2021


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