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Recruitment Requiments 

Genuine and cooperating attitude, openness to share and to hear a different point of view, respect and kindness to others, passion, commitment to own development and responsibility for personal states of being.


Additional requirements for joining Intuitive Coach Advance


350+ hours of Coaching Practice Experience prior to joining Intuitive Coach Advance. This enhance sharing experience and deepening the participants advanced development.

60+ hours of Coach Specific Training prior to joining Intuitive Coach Advance. Those trainings would preferably be in accordance with the principles established by the ICF, i.e. teaching the coaching competencies and code of ethical conduct in line and not against those defined by the ICF. Under this category, we include:


  • “The Birth of a Coach” – the first part of the ACTP Intuitive Coach Program or


  • All coach training programs verified by the ICF and accredited as ACTP or approved as ACSTH or as CCEU or


  • Other than above and approved by the ICF during the participant’s accreditation process for the ACC or PCC level or


  • All coach training programs approved by other respected Coach Associations or

  • All other coach specific training programs.


With the ICF consent we welcome all coaches who have a foundation and practice, based on a credible education unverified by the ICF to continue their coaching training journey directly towards the ICF PCC in the Intuitive Coach Advance.


This means there is no requirement to either obtaining the ICF ACC accreditation or to have completed a coach training approved or accredited by the ICF prior to joining the Intuitive Coach Advance.


Please send us the curriculum of the coach trainings you have completed. Upon its review by the Director of the Intuitive Coach Training Program with a basis to accept it as the foundation of the Intuitive Coach Advance, the applicant will be invited to join.

The applicants’ prior coach training hours will be incorporated into the Full ACTP Intuitive Coach Program. This means the 68 hours of Intuitive Coach Advance Training and Mentor Coaching together with hours of training in the previously completed training will provide a total of 125+ hours of Coach Specific Training and 10+ hours of Mentor Coaching required by the ICF to apply for the PCC accreditation.  

Upon a  successful completion of the Intuitive Coach Advance, the graduates will receive ACTP certificate entitling them to apply to the ICF for a PCC Accreditation in the ACTP PCC Path if they ‘count their client coach experience hours’ following start of their coach-specific training that was ‘ICF approved as ACSTH or ICF accredited as ACTP.  This way they would be exempted by ICF from the PCC Performance Evaluation.   Graduates who ‘count their client coach experience hours’ following start of any other coach-specific training can apply for ICF PCC accreditation following ‘Portfolio Path’.

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