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Coaching for Collaborative Cohabitation of our Planet 

Welcome to Evolution Coaching Academy

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Evolution Coaching Academy 

Evolution Coaching Academy offers comprehensive coaching education accredited by the International Coach Federation as Level 2 and Level 1.  The programmes teach and train students in the Core Coaching Competences and Code of Ethics as defined by the ICF, to prepare the students for conducting a trustworthy and grounded coaching practice.  The graduates are prepared for the ICF internationally trusted coach accreditation at Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) levels. 


Double click below to find our Intuitive Coach and The Birth of a Coach reference in the Accredited Education Listing on the ICF website: 


We adhere to the ICF's Program Accreditation Code of Conduct.


Our Instructors, Mentor, Supervisors and Examiners are the practicing ICF Accredited Coaches complying to the ICF Code of Ethics.


Evolution Coaching Academy is grounded in the philosophy of empowerment, collaboration and evolution of life. For us, individuals, relationships, teams and organisations are living organisms. We facilitate our client’s journey towards: feeling empowered, clearer about their purpose and direction, and recognising that their experiences serve them as valuable learning through which they evolve in the spiral of their life. 


The coach training, mentoring and supervising programs are intended for people with an open heart, who feel the calling of the coaching profession, and who want to work with other people to support them in their growth and evolution.


We provide coaching services at ICF ethics and standard, in the areas of individual, relationship, team and organisation needs. We support organisations to apply those services in a valuable, ecological and sustainable way for themselves, their people, the environment and partners in their journey.  Our services are delivered in one-to-one, relationships of two and group (3-100) format.


We complement our coaching expertise with holistic organisation management, leadership and sustainable collaboration competencies. We have created a number of development models that we share in our training programs, consultancy and mentor coaching. 


All our development pursuits are grounded in the philosophy described above. Our coach training, supervision and mentor coaching programs combine the art, ethics, competencies and standards outlined by the ICF with knowledge and experience of the fields clients most often choose to evolve in, as individuals, as partners in a relationship, and as members of teams or communities.





Lilith Joanna Flanagan 
Coach, Teacher, Author, Mentor, Supervisor, ICF Assessor

Lilith founded Evolution in 2007 as a coaching services provider for international corporations offering 1-2-1 and team coaching.  In 2010 she gave birth to life coaching programmes for women, including dance, creative arts and deep transformative journey.  


In 2012 Lilith responded to requests for coach training by designing "The Birth of a Coach" that was approved by the ICF as ASCTH.  Graduates of that programme wished to continue the learning towards the ICF Professional Certified Coach Accreditation, therefore Lilith created the second part for advanced coaches. Those two parts together were granted the ICF ACTP Accreditation under the name "Intuitive Coach" in 2014. 98% of the graduates who applied have received the ICF Accreditation. Its home is Evolution Coaching Academy Limited. 


2019 opened Lilith's awareness to the Environmental Coaching concept.  That is now incorporated into the curriculum of ICF ACTP Intuitive Coach and pouring out in her coaching practice. It supports the clients to clarify their role and take an action in service of our planet. 


Since 2007 Lilith has been coaching in 1-2-1 and systemic engagements.  She got accredited by the ICF at the Master Certified Coach level and crossed the magic threshold of 2500 coaching practice hours in 2019. 

In all the roles Lilith supports her clients in living their true intention. She helps them unfold who they naturally are, their holistic potential and apply the new awareness into everyday life.


The predominant modality of her coaching engagement is an intuitive, co-active conversation. She has effectively supported her clients in connecting with their intuition to unfold the truth about themselves and their situation.


She invites the clients to actively participate with the whole of themselves. The clients' thinking is often complemented by mindful breathing, embodiment or movement; entraining with Nature, visualisation, connecting with the imaginal realm or creative arts. This way the clients align their wellbeing in 4 dimensions: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  As the result the clients feel more liberated to be who they naturally are.  They also design practical ways to integrate it with their current life.  The outcome of the coaching process is more real and sustainable for the them as they evolve as human beings.

Her coaching clients are individuals and teams, schools, local communities, women communities, NGOs as well as multinational corporations including Vimana, IBM, Orange, Groupon, Coca-Cola,  AVIVA, RWE, SCM. She offers her practice through the Evolution Coaching Academy and volunteers at the Totnes Natural Health Centre.

She has served other coaches with 2200+ hours of mentor coaching, coaching supervision, teaching and assessing. 98% of Lilith's Mentor Coachees who applied are currently holding the ICF ACC or PCC Credential.

She actively collaborates with other coaching schools: 

Jenny Mackewn's Focussed Training In Constellations & Systemic Coaching and Richard Bentley's Q FIVE 95 Leadership Academy.

Her Master Certified Coach accreditation has been integrated with 3 Master Degrees in other fields: MSc Holistic Science at Schumacher College (2015), MBA with Distinction (2000), MA Economics in Banking and Finance (1996).

Lilith has actively supported the coaching profession and community. For years she has been serving as an ICF Approved Assessor in the PCC and ACC coach accreditation process.  She was the UK ICF South West Leader in 2015-2018 and Vice President of ICF Poland Chapter in 2009-2011.

Before her coaching journey, she experienced 10 years of managing business in multinational corporations: ING and FUJISTU (formerly ICL).  She used to lead several hundreds, multi-layered human organisation structures in the areas of operations, sales, marketing, business strategy and key programme management.

Lilith has expanded her organisation awareness and skills in several holistic programmes connecting the mind, body and heart on a foundation of coach training with CTI, ORSC, TeamCoachingInternational as well as continues ICF Assessor Training.

Values and Passions

Lilith enjoys her life close to Nature in green Devon, 25-years in a relationship with Patrick, with two sons: Michael and Daniel.


She appreciates impact of coaching on creating trust and reciprocal relations in society.  Therefore, with a joy and passion she shares her knowledge and experience with ascending generations of coaches.

She combines life in human society with being a member of the community of Nature and the planet Earth.  Her ongoing curiosity centres around 3 questions:

" Who are you?",  What are you here for?", "What is your path?" 

She envisages the world where humans respect other members of our planet and are willing to engage with them for collaborative cohabitation and coevolution.


In her Holistic Science MSc dissertation, Lilith explores language of oscillations,  entrainment and song in a participatory, meaningful interspecies communication.  She observes parallels in all relationships between living beings self-organizing into a community.


In 1-2-1 coaching Lilith specialises in Intuitive, Holistic and Environmental Coaching.

She co-authored ”EcoBusiness Evolution Spiral” a partnership model of organisation evolution towards an environmentally sustainable business.


Personal development workshops of her authorship combine body, mind and heart in Nature with coaching facilitation and artistic creation: music, intuitive dance, singing and drawing.  Whilst participating women discover their calling, college students choose a quality of adult life and their tutors broaden a spectrum of support for the students.



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