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We have found that adopting a holistic approach to coaching gets the best results for both our clients and our students. Our research and coaching practice reveals that unearthing human potential and facilitating transformation is often complemented by thoughtfully integrating tools, techniques and practices, which are aligned with the needs of the individuals or groups we are working with.
these tools may include:

Mindful Breathing

Embodiment / Movement

Entraining with Nature


Connecting with the Imaginal Realm

Engaging with the Creative Arts

Of course not every holistic tool or practice will be appropriate for all clients or situations, therefore expertise comes with intuitively knowing how and when to apply each approach to best serve the needs of those we may be working with.

By working in this holistic way, we give our clients and students the opportunity to align their conscious awareness with the 4 dimensions of being; the mental or psychological, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. We have found that this holistic approach helps clients feel more liberated to be who they authentically are and as a result, they can more easily design practical ways to integrate their new awareness with their current life. The key benefit of adopting this kind of coaching approach creates a more tangible experience for clients, enabling them to naturally evolve into their highest potential.


Everything that we do at Evolution Coaching Academy is centred around our four Core Values, which are:

love, joy, collaboration, & well-being

When these Core Values are in harmony throughout what we do, we know that our holistic coaching practice can facilitate experiences of paradise for people and the planet, here and now. Moreso, as ICF assessors, practitioners and educators, we are wholeheartedly committed to the Code of Ethics and Core Values of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Core Coaching Competencies are recognised as the global gold standard in the coaching industry, guiding practitioners to deliver the highest standards in coaching, encouraging reflection, informing education, and steering ethical decision-making. Delivering ICF accredited coach education and holistic coaching to clients, provides confidence not only for our clients and students, but also confidence for the coaching profession as a whole. As we work towards establishing best practice in the coaching profession, we reinforce the positive, transformational power that coaching can achieve for all those who engage with it. ICF Professionals who embody the Code of Ethics strive to be ethical, even when doing so involves making difficult decisions or acting courageously.

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ICF Accredited Coach Education | Evolution Coaching Academy
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