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The Birth of a Coach Level 1 | Evolution Coaching Academy


Join our The Birth of a Coach ICF Level 1 Education programme to begin your journey of becoming a compassionate, globally recognised ICF accredited coach.

Are you a new or aspiring coach with a tender and open heart, who wants to support others in their personal growth? Are you curious about how you might be able to use your coaching skills in collaboration with the natural world? If you long to use your intuitive gifts and creativity alongside developing a credible, grounded and professional  coaching practice, you  have come to the right place.

97% of Our Graduates Achieve the
ICF Accreditation the First Time They Apply!

ICF Accredited Coaching Education | Evolution Coaching Academy

By 24th of June

£ 1950 Training 72H
 £ 2950 All Inclusive 

 All Inclusive ICF Level 1 Education

June 2024 Edition 

In English

Delivered via Zoom

Dates of Group Modules

Coaching Essence

Group Training Module 1

 26 - 28 June 2024

16:00-21:00 CET Time

Client the Leader

Group Training Module 2

4 - 9 September 2024
16:00-21:00 CET Time

Client in a Relationship

Group Training Module 3

16 - 18 October 2024
16:00-21:00 CET Time

Client in a Team

Group Training Module 4

27 - 29 November 2024

16:00-21:00  CET Time

Training price is inclusive of:  

3 x 1:2:1 Observed Coaching Sessions


Group Mentor Coaching

14 - 15 January 2025
0 CET Time

Mentor Coaching is inclusive of:

3 x 1:2:1  Mentor Coaching Sessions

ICF ACC Performance Evaluation

Results from 1 April 2025


Location ➡️ Zoom

Level 1 83h ICF Certificate.png

ICF minimum requirements for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) application via Level 1 Path:


• Level 1 Coaching Education Certificate 


• Coaching Log demonstrating 100 hours of coaching experience with at least 8 clients.  

The Birth of a Coach is an in-depth, ICF accredited Level 1 Coaching Education programme. It will be perfect for you if you are just starting out with your coaching practice, or if you have been coaching for a while but you want to attain the globally recognised ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is our passionate commitment to impart all the essential skills, knowledge and confidence in preparation for you to launch a successful and enjoyable coaching practice. 


Or maybe you are already working in an organisation and you want to improve your leadership skills and complete your professional competencies? This programme is ideal for you, too. We work with professionals from all walks of life who desire to use their empathic skills to creatively support others to thrive through delivering an excellent coaching practice.


If you are looking for a globally recognised ICF coach accreditation that allows you to draw upon and develop your intuitive gifts in collaboration with nature, you will love our approach. The Birth of a Coach ICF training is based on 20% theory and 80% practice, which means you will have plenty of time to gain practical confidence with your coaching skills, alongside learning how you can ground your coaching practice in care for our planet. You will have access to proven, creative and successful coaching tools, professional demonstrations, and personalised 1:1 observed coaching feedback and mentoring sessions. 


We run the The Birth of a Coach ICF programme only once a year with an intimate group of no more than 12 students, so places tend to fill up quickly. 

what the programme offers you:
  • A globally recognised ICF Level 1 Coaching Education 83 Contact Hours entitling you to apply for the ICF ACC Credential.

  • All coaching education required by the ICF to apply for the ICF ACC Credential.

  • An opportunity to become a member of the ICF professional community.

  • A clear pathway for you to continue your professional development as a coach.

  • A professional coaching network with your fellow coaching students.

  • Creative ideas, coaching templates and essential resources to help you to work in a holistic, deeply fulfilling and impactful way with your coaching clients. 

  • New skills in nature conscious coaching, which means coaching in collaboration with the natural world.

  • Confidence in your intuitive abilities to know how and when to choose the right holistic tools.

  • Develop a coaching style, which feels authentic to who you are and aligns with your natural clients.

  • Learn the essential coaching skills in preparation for you to launch a successful practice, which you love!

  • Thorough preparation for the ICF internationally renowned Associate Certified Coach (ACC) examination.

We believe people learn best through doing. Therefore, from the very beginning, you will be able to put into practice what you learn, helping you to deepen and integrate your skills and competences throughout the whole programme. With the support of Lilith and our instructors’ observation and comprehensive feedback, you will be able to draw upon your already acquired knowledge and integrate it with your new skills and awareness.  Before the start of the first group module, you will be invited to pick two people who agree to become your ‘coach training clients’ for the duration of the programme.

Course Details | The Birth of a Coach Level 1 | Evolution Coaching Academy

course details

All Inclusive Level 1 ICF Coaching Education 83 ICF Contact Hours 
consists of:

  1. The Birth of a Coach Training 72 ICF Contact Hours

  2. Mentor Coaching 10 ICF Contact Hours

  3. ICF ACC Performance Evaluation 1 ICF Contact Hour

You may initially enroll just on The Birth of a Coach Training. Then you can decide either to:

  1. Pursue ICF ACC Accreditation, in such a case complete ACC Mentor Coaching and ACC Performance Evaluation or,

  2. Pursue ICF PCC Accreditation, in such a case go directly to Intuitive Coach Level 2 Education, and skip ACC Mentor Coaching and ACC Performance Evaluation.

The Birth of a Coach Level 1 | Evolution Coaching Academy


The Birth of a Coach Training

We ask you to set aside 12 days to engage with group training

(3 days x 5 hours every one/two months for 4 months)

 3 x 1:1 sessions can be scheduled more flexibly.

By participating in The Birth of a Coach Training, you will receive an ICF Level 1 Coach Specific Training certificate (72 Contact Hours).

The Birth of a Coach Training includes 72 ICF Contact Hours:

  • 12 Inspirational day x 5 hours of interactive workshops via Zoom with your fellow coaching cohort.

  • 3  sessions of 1:1 observed coaching feedback on your audio-recorded client sessions, evaluated verbally and in writing, in reference to the 8 Core Coaching Competencies at ICF ACC Level. 

  • Competencies at ICF ACC level.

  • Learner manual with essential step-by-step coaching tools.

  • Expert knowledge and experiential wisdom transfer from our instructors and Lilith, who come with thousands of hours of successful ICF accredited coach training, coaching practice, mentor coaching, and coaching evaluation experience.

  • Assurance that your practical coaching skills align with the 8 essential Core
    Coaching Competencies, as defined by ICF.

  • The ability to develop a professional coaching practice that orientates around the ICF Core Values and ICF Coach Ethical Code.

  • An invitation to join ICF Level 2 Education Intuitive Coach, completed with ICF Level 2 Coaching Education Certificate, entitling you to apply for the ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential. 

  • Between the modules you will be able to deepen your skills through practice with your clients and with the other students.

Full Level 1 Coaching Education | The Birth of a Coach Level 1 | Evolution Coaching Academy
Mentor Coaching and ACC Performance Evaluation

To achieve the ACC ICF accreditation, you are required to complete All Inclusive Level 1 Coaching Education. That means that

on top of the The Birth of a Coach Training you also need to complete:

• 10 hours of ACC Mentor Coaching AND,

ICF ACC Performance Evaluation


We offer 10 hours of mentor coaching sessions, which includes 3 hours of personalised 1:1 mentor coaching and 7 hours of in-depth small group mentor coaching sessions (with a maximum of 10 participants). Sessions consist of 80% coaching experience (including experimentation, reflection, broadening awareness, observation and feedback) and 20% of theory.

After you have completed Mentor Coaching you will be invited to schedule your ACC Performance Evaluation submission date.  The examination is conducted remotely. Evolution Coaching Academy is authorised by the ICF to conduct this part of ICF ACC examination. 

If you are a beginner coach and you want to check whether coaching is right for you, you may initially just enroll on The Birth of a Coach training part. Following this, you can make an informed choice about the next steps of enrolling for Mentor Coaching and ACC Performance Evaluation exam later.


Our The Birth of a Coach programme is designed to help you embody all the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics, which will enable you to conduct a trustworthy, grounded, holistic and truly successful coaching practice. By completing full The  Birth of a Coach Level 1 Coaching Education you are eligible for the easiest ICF ACC Credential Level 1 Path. Apply today.

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