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Intuitive Coaching | Evolution Coaching Academy


Are you being called to more deeply integrate your intuitive gifts with your professional coaching practice?

Advance your coaching skills and increase your expertise and confidence, whilst gaining the ICF PCC accredited training on our highly supportive Intuitive Coach ICF Level 2 programme

97% of Our Graduates Achieve the
ICF Accreditation the First Time They Apply!

ICF Accredited Coaching Education | Evolution Coaching Academy
ACTP ICF Accredited Coach Training Program | Evolution Coaching Academy


All PCC Education Inclusive

Dates of Group Modules

In English

Delivered via Zoom

1st Module

19, 20 October 2023
9:30-13:00 UK time
Group Mentor Coaching

2nd Module

6, 7, 8 December 2023
9:30-14:30 UK time
Coach in a Superposition

3rd Module

28, 29 February and 1 March 2024
9:30-14:30 UK time
Coach in a Creative Space

4th Module

24, 25, 26  April 2024
9:30-14:30 UK time
Intuitive Client and Coach
in a Relationship

Price inclusive of:

10 hours of Mentor Coaching &
six 1-2-1 sessions


ICF PCC Performance

Evaluation Results
30th of June 2024


Location ➡️ Zoom Platform



Intuitive Coach Level 2 ICF Accredited Coaching Education consists of all education required for the ICF Professional Certified Coach Credential (PCC):

Coaching Training, Mentor Coaching and ICF PCC Performance Evaluation.

We welcome experienced, empathic coaches who share a desire to engage with their intuitive abilities to enrich theirs and their client’s experience. Our Intuitive Coach ICF Level 2 programme will show you how to deepen your personal presence in coaching, enrich your client’s experience and find new levels of confidence in following an intuitive led coaching practice. You will gain new skills in nature conscious coaching, which means coaching in intuitive collaboration with the natural world.

This programme is for coaches who have completed prior a comprehensive coaching training and grounded their learning in practice. We welcome coaches from ICF and non-ICF coach backgrounds who intend to get accredited by the ICF at the Professional Certified Coach level, which is the most globally recognised coach Credential. 


what the programme offers you:

  • A very deep, grounded and thorough approach to coaching with your innate intuition.

  • All coaching education required by the ICF to apply for the ICF PCC Credential.

  • A globally recognised ICF Level 2 Coaching Education certificate and ACTP certificate, entitling you to apply to the ICF for the PCC accreditation.



  • Certainty in your ability to create and hold deeply transformational spaces for your clients to grow.

  • The courage to take risks in coaching, while staying vulnerable and being comfortable with ‘not knowing’.

  • The ability to work as a nature-conscious coach in dialogue with the natural world.

  • A methodology to support Environmental Activists.

  • The ability to bring a deeper presence into your coaching practice using the creative portals, which involves combining the creative arts in coaching.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself in the client-coach dynamic, including how to cultivate a safe space to allow for personal transformation and broadening of awareness.

  • The opportunity to dive inward - into the depths of self, the client, and into the co-created coaching relationship.

  • Reflecting on who you are a coach for, your mission and vision.

  • Confidence in supporting your clients in their development, whilst staying active, engaged and honouring the client as the expert of their own life. 

  • The ability to lead with your intuition and apply wisdom from the relevant coaching tools without attachment to them. 

  • Calibrate your current performance against the PCC exam criteria. 

  • A clear pathway for you to continue to deepen your development as a coach with a professional community of life-long learners! 

  • An opportunity to become a member of the ICF professional community (if you aren’t already).

We run the Intuitive Coach Level 2 ICF accredited coaching education once a year with an intimate group of no more than 10 participants and places tend to fill up quickly! If you feel called, apply to enroll onto the ICF Intuitive Coach today.

Course Details | Intuitive Coach ICF Level 2  | Evolution Coaching Academy

course details

Full Level 2 Coaching Education consists of:

Intuitive Coach Training

Mentor Coaching

ICF PCC Performance Evaluation


You will need to set aside 11 days (roughly 2-3 days x 5 hours every other month for 6 months) to engage with group training and group mentor coaching. The rest of the 1:1 sessions can be scheduled more flexibly.

By participating in the programme, you will receive an ICF Level 2 Coaching Education certificate and ACTP certificate.

Intuitive Coach Level 2 includes all Professional Certified Coach education required by the ICF

  • 4 Modules taking place every two months in synchronous face-to-face group learning via Zoom including:

    • 9 days  x  5 hours of group Coach Training

    • 2 days x  3.5 hours of group Mentor Coaching (7 hours in a group with a maximum of 10 participants)

  • 3 one-to-one Observed Coaching Sessions: These are your coaching sessions with clients of your choice, which you will audio record and transcribe to be evaluated by Lilith or one of our instructors, in reference to the 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies at ICF PCC level

  • 3 one-to-one Mentor Coaching Sessions

  • Final ICF PCC Performance Evaluation exam

  • Modules consist of: 80% coaching experience (including experimentation, reflection, broadening awareness, observation and feedback) and 20% of theory.

By completing Intuitive Coach Level 2 you become eligible for the easiest ICF PCC Credential path (ACTP/Level 2)

Who is the Intuitive Coach Programme for?

This programme is for intermediate to advanced coaches who are looking for an in-depth development process to take their coaching to new heights. We welcome practising coaches who:

  • Intend to apply for ICF accreditation at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level

  • Have experienced 350 hours or more of coaching practice with their clients

  • Have completed 60 hours or more of coach specific training, teaching coaching competencies and coach ethical conduct, for example: 

    • The Birth of a Coach training or 

    • Other ICF accredited coach training ACSTH or ACTP or Level 1 (60 hours +) or

    • Non-ICF accredited coach training (200 hours +) 

  • Value personal development and are willing to share their experiences with other participants

  • Are open to dive into the unknown, broaden perspectives and expand perception 

  • Respect and are genuine towards others, engage in the learning process and take responsibility for own development

Assessment at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level:

  • Focuses on the holistic identity (the ‘WHO’) of the client. We want to see you, as the coach, supporting your client in personal transformation, whilst facilitating the broadening of their awareness. This is about the client’s sustainable evolution, rather than a one-off solution that was sufficient at the ACC level.

  • Emphasises the quality of spontaneous, intuitive coaching conversation. This is about the quality of your connection in partnership with your client. We want to see how you honour the clients responsibility for their life and development, whilst staying engaged and neutral with active listening and evoking awareness.

  • Develops the coach’s presence in the 'here and now' through self-acceptance, self-awareness and the courage to take risks with the vulnerability of not needing to ‘know’ the answers.

  • Releases attachment to the structure and safety of the coaching tools in favour of being present to the phenomena emerging in the moment, truly hearing the whole of the client in the here and now.


To get there the participants will journey to the essence of self and their lives, their identity and calling, natural working style and profile of the client they naturally serve.  Thriving in this programme requires a high level of openness, readiness to work at a level of depth, essence, intuition and energy field.

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