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With a plethora of coach training programmes available today it can be challenging to know which training is right for you. Since coaching is not legally regulated, we encourage you to choose a training programme that has the ICF stamp of approval (offering the ICF Credential). This will provide you with immediate global recognition as a coach and enable you to access professional accountability in compliance with best practice and The ICF Code of Ethics. Being able to advertise your ICF Credential will also give your clients confidence that you have undergone thorough ICF accredited training, adequate coaching hours and assessments that demonstrate your competence to work as an excellent coach in your chosen field. Engaging in ICF accredited training will also ensure that you operate under the ICF definition of coaching, enabling you to practise with integrity and easily communicate and understand expectations, whilst ensuring your client’s safety. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions that you’d like some assistance on, we would be delighted to help you.
Why Choose the ICF Credential? | Evolution Coaching Academy
The Birth of a Coach ICF Level 1
The Birth of a Coach Level 1 | Evolution Coaching Academy
Intuitive Coach ICF Level 2
Intuitive Coach ICF Level 2  | Evolution Coaching Academy
Ecosystem Master Coach
Level 3
Tortum Waterfalls
Beach Landscapes

Here we are, in Module 3, and it’s been quite a ride,
We’ve played with our voices and embodied feelings inside,

We’ve drawn on paper. Pens and pencils, an extension of self,
I think I’ll frame mine, and pop it up on the shelf!

 We’ve been conversing with nature. What does it say?
Ask and it answers in its own unique way.

 Mapping with objects, a new perspective to view,
To really exploring what’s sitting with you…..

In touch with our bodies, as a great group of 9,
Practice in breakouts, we’d love even more time.

Breathing, meditation, why are we here? What’s our mission?
Life forces and energy in search of our super position.

Now it’s time to keep going, integrating learning our way,
We’ll soon be back together, Module 4’s not far away.

Heartfelt thank you to Lilith and Meredith, for all your “holding” and care,
For living the competencies, for all that you are, and for all that you share.

michelle atkinson
Level 2 Intuitive Coach Graduate
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