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Lilith Joanna Flanagan | Master Certified ICF Coach


Intuitive Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Supervisor, ICF Coach Assessor, and Author

I’m so happy you’ve arrived here. Whether you are thinking of engaging with coaching as a client or becoming an intuitive accredited ICF coach, you have come to the right place. I have been working as an accredited holistic coach and professional coach educator for many years, and it is my joy to support you in living your truth from the intentions of your heart’s calling, and embody your holistic potential.

Unconditional love is my highest value, and I seek to bring this into every aspect of my life and work. I lead with love and facilitate experiences of inner paradise for people and the planet, through collaboration and rich dialogue. My dream is for all of humanity to live in balance with themselves, and the natural world. I operate from the belief that enlightenment can be both transformational, and deeply joyful.

I founded Evolution Coaching Academy because I wanted to provide a space for my clients and students to access exceptional coaching support and professional education, alongside the intuitive skills they need to thrive in all aspects of their life, wellbeing and work. My clients are individuals, teams, schools, local communities, women’s communities, NGOs and multinational corporations, including Vimana, IBM, Orange, Groupon, Coca-Cola,  AVIVA, RWE, and SCM.

Lilith Joanna Flanagan | Master Certified ICF Coach
my story

After 10 successful years of working as an executive, strategic leader in multinational corporations, I enjoyed my career, but I knew something in my life needed to shift. I knew there was more and I had an aching desire to discover it and live it. So, when I found coaching, something clicked in me; I discovered a deeper way to fully express who I am and live my purpose. In 2007, I began coaching executives for international corporations, delivering 1:1: and team coaching programmes, and a few years later I expanded my practice into life coaching for women. This involved facilitating deeply transformational experiences through the creative arts, and dance. I felt like I had come home to who I truly was.  I was filled with joy when I realised that, through the creative coaching process, I was able to help others do the same.

After many years of coaching clients, training coach students and continual professional and personal development, I am now an ICF Master Certified Coach and I have been holding ICF Professional Certified Coach education programmes for over a decade, for both aspiring and practicing coaches. All our programmes here at the Evolution Coaching Academy have been granted the highest level of ICF Accreditation, and our graduates have a 97% ICF Coach Accreditation pass rate.

My approach to work, life and coaching demonstrates the value I place on balancing academic and professional knowledge, alongside innate intuitive wisdom, which I believe is available to each one of us - knowingly or unknowingly. A huge component of this involves inviting my client’s and student’s to actively participate with the whole of themselves, alongside deep and mindful collaboration with the natural world. This is a very powerful way to work as a coach, and since integrating my coaching practice with the relational dimension of being in nature, I have witnessed some of the most beautiful transformations in my own life, and in the lives of my clients and students. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, too. 

What Qualifies Me to Serve You?

I am a Master Certified ICF Coach, which I have integrated with 3 other Master Degrees including; MSc Holistic Science at Schumacher College (2015), MBA with Distinction (2000), and MA Economics in Banking and Finance (1996). I am the author of ICF Accredited Education Level 2 Intuitive Coach and Level 1 The Birth of a Coach. I actively support the coaching profession and community and I have been serving as an ICF Approved Assessor in the PCC and ACC coach accreditation process for many years. I am passionately committed to my own personal and professional development and was named the UK ICF South West Leader and Vice President of ICF Poland Chapter. Prior coaching I experienced life of a young female business leader in multinational corporations for 10 years. Prior my academic path I was educated to become a musician. I have integrated my professional qualifications with tasting various paths of life. My greatest gratitude being for my husband and our sons.

MCC Master Certified Coach Credential Badge | Evolution Coaching Academy
ICF Accredited Coaching Education Credential Badge | Evolution Coaching Academy
ICF Accredited Coaching Education Credential Badge | Evolution Coaching Academy
Lilith Joanna Flanagan | Master Certified ICF Coach
ICF Accredited Coach Education
ICF Accredited Coach Education | Evolution Coaching Academy
Ways to Work with Lilith
Ways to Work with Lilith | Evolution Coaching Academy
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